Herbs to Reduce Travel Sickness in the Elderly

Herbs to Reduce Travel Sickness in the Elderly


The ginger root rhizome contains substances that soothe the stomach. From ginger, you can make herbal decoction, tincture or sugar sprinkled with sweets that can be taken both before and during the trip. In the East, sailors from ancient times, to overcome nausea, chewed ginger root.

Its effectiveness has been confirmed by numerous clinical trials. Ginger has also been long been used to relieve nausea.


This tall perennial grass grows along river banks in Europe. Valerian root extracts are rich in substances that soothe the nervous system.

Fresh valerian tincture has stronger properties than dry root.

Valerian also helps to fall asleep, which is useful for long journeys.


A relative of peppermint, catnip is a herb of soft impact, especially suitable for senior citizens. Its active ingredients gently soothe the stomach and nerves. Catnip should be applied before a long journey in the form of tincture.

Catnip has a pleasant taste and has a mild effect, which makes it suitable for eliminating ailments in the elderly.


This well-known garden plant is an effective remedy for nausea. Its leaves, which have a peppery smell, balance the state of the gastrointestinal tract and calm the stomach. While traveling, put a few drops of peppermint aroma oil on a handkerchief and inhale its healing scent. Peppermint can also soothe your stomach.

Black Shandra

It has long been believed that this perennial plant with beautiful purple flowers prevents nausea during travel. It is akin to mint and is rich in active ingredients that soothe the nerves. It is taken in the form of tincture or herbal tea.

An infusion of dry black Shandra helps prevent nausea when traveling.


Besides the fact that this plant relieves the unpleasant hangover syndrome, it relieves nausea when traveling. For a chamomile infusion, it is better to use the inflorescences of German chamomile, since it has a milder taste and does not taste bitter.

Chamomile infusion gently removes all the unpleasant symptoms of travel sickness, without causing any side effects.

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Planning to start a Medicare advantage plan for 2019?

You are new in this and you have no idea where to start, I probably get you. To start with, you will need to read and do research for you to understand what Medicare advantage plans are really for. Consulting a friend is a great idea but it is not the correct move to make. Consulting an expert will give you the opportunity to ask unclear questions and everything will be taken step by step, it is up to you to make the right decision.  As the law states no one should come door to door selling any Medicare products, so do not make that mistake of finding yourself being conned. It is also unlawful for a person to call you through the phone and start asking for your personal information like financial statements or credit card. Walk in to the Medicare advantage plan office near you or contact the plan’s Medicare you yourself and join online.

For some people it is easier to enroll for a Medicare advantage plan because it will automatically happen while others it will depend when they become eligible. You can definitely enroll in Medicare part A or part B, it is also to enroll in both Medicare. There are contacts left on the plan’s website in case you feel like having one.  You need to know that you have the right to enroll dis-enroll or switch to another Medicare advantage in 2018, though there are rules that should be followed. Make sure you read and understand these rules before joining any of the Medicare advantage plan.

Always watch out for penalties that may occur while switching policies. A Medicare advantage plan is offered by private companies. If you are a newbie in the plan you can change your mind in any ear and switch to other Medicare advantage plan.  You can get help from a friend who already has a Medicare advantage plan but the best way is to consult an expert and get to know more about these plans. For those who are new to any Medicare advantage plan have an initial period for enrollment. A background check is important for those who have never enrolled or joined any plan. Remember that for one to use the Medicare plan in a certain hospital the hospital must be registered in the plan. Checking in to non-registered hospital will make you pay for more than you could have used in the primary hospital.

Joining Medicare Advantage Plans, ask these Questions

Choosing between Medicare Supplement Plans 2018 and Medicare Advantage Plans is not a trivial matter to ignore.  Here are some of the questions that you must bear in mind before enrolling for Medicare Advantage plans:

Hospitals, Providers and other facilities queries to ask

  • Can I use my doctors with whom I am already referring? Are they listed in the network of the plan?
  • Will providers and doctors take new patients having this Medicare Advantage plans?
  • In case the Plans network does not have my providers, will the plan offer cover for my visits?
  • Which hospitals, specialists, skilled nursing facilities and home health agencies are in the network of the plan?

 Approach to health care queries to ask

  • Name of the plan service area?
  • Will I receive coverage in case I receive care outside the service area?
  • Who will be my Primary care provider?
  • Is there a need for referral to see a specialist?
  • Is there a need for doctor’s approval to get admitted in a hospital?

 Costs related queries to ask

  • What are the costs that I will receive as coverage?
  • The annual out of pocket maximum cost, how much is it?

Note: PPOs limits with out of pocket are different for in and out of network. In case of a PPO, you must ask the limits of out of pocket.

  • How much to pay as out of pocket prior to the starting of the coverage (what will be the deductible)?
  • How much will be my copayment for services on receiving regularly, such as specialist care or PCP?
  • How much to pay on visiting out-of-network facility or provider?
  • Does it include higher copays for certain care types, such as home health care or hospital stays?

 Benefits relates queries to ask

  • Does my plan cover all that the Original Medicare services do not?
  • Dental services, hearing aids and vision care, are they covered?
  • Are there restrictions that I should know to access these benefits?
  • Prescription drugs cover, is it available with my plan?
  • Are my prescriptions as per the formulary of the plan?
  • Are there coverage restriction imposed on my plan?
  • What are the costs I must pay for drug coverage?
  • Will prescriptions be covered in my plan when I travel?
  • Can I use my pharmacy to get through mail order my drugs?

Medicare Advantage Plans, know when to sign up

Medicare Advantage Plans is anticipated to cover the Original Medicare services. Nevertheless, if you already have an existing Medicare Advantage Plan, yet the Original Medicare will cover the hospice care cost, some benefits of new Medicare and some clinical research studies cost. Precisely, the Medicare Advantage plans type’s keeps you always covered for urgent and emergency care.  There may be chances that the plan you choose may fail to cover the services costs as it may be considered not necessarily medical under Medicare. However, if you are not certain about the service covered, it is best to consult with your provider before availing the service.  Most United Healthcare medicare supplement plans provide the much expected extra coverage, such as hearing, vision, wellness and health program and dental. Most of the plans include Part D Medicare prescription drug coverage. Apart from the premium of Part B, you need to pay a monthly premium for the Plan.  The Part B standard premium amount in 2018 is $134 or may be even higher based on your income. Conversely, some enjoy social security benefits even by paying fewer amounts such as $130.

When to sign up?

 Enrolling in Medicare Advantage plans is possible in particular time periods:

  • The initial period that starts immediately in three months as you become entitled to Part A and B Medicare. The ICEP represents the initial coverage election period and this ends the last day before you buy both Part A and B or the Part B last day, the one that is later.
  • The initial period of enrolment begins before you turn 65 for three months and thus you get the month of your birth and it extends beyond your birthday month for another three months. In total you get seven months time to get enrolled.
  • The period of Annual election is between October 15 to December 7 every year. This is the time you may switch to Medicare Advantage plans form Original Medicare and can also make changes with cover. If you are enrolled already in Medicare Advantage plan and wish to alter plans, this annual selection period is the time to do so. Changing during this period means your new coverage start on January 1.
  • In fact, even if you are enrolled with Medicare Advantage plans and have a desire to switch to Part A and B Original Medicare, you can do it during the annual period or during January 1 to February 14, the disenrollment period of Medicare Advantage each year.

Medicare Supplement Plans- An Overview

Medicare supplement plans, also called Medigap policy has become an important investment. Using such insurance plans, you can get coverage for some health care costs such as Copayments, Deductibles and Coinsurance, which you will not get with other Original Medicare plans. Private insurance companies sell Medigap policies. Some Medigap policies offer coverage for services that Original Medicare doesn’t cover such as medical care when you travel outside the U.S. In case, you have Original Medicare, and you also buy a Medigap policy, here is how you will get coverage-

  • Original Medicare will pay its share of the Medicare approved amount to cover health care costs
  • After that, Medigap policy pays its share.

It is worth stating here that a Medigap policy is totally different from a Medicare Advantage plan. Medicare Policies are a way to get Medicare benefits whereas Medigap policy only supplements your Original Medicare benefits. Before putting efforts in to get a Medicare Supplement Plans 2018, make sure you have Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B. In case you have a Medicare Advantage Plan, then you can apply for a Medigap policy. You need to pay monthly premium in an addition to the monthly part B premium that you pay to Medicare. Again, it is worth brining in your notice that a Medigap policy only covers one person. In case, you and your spouse both want Medigap coverage, you need to buy separate policies for both of you.  You can easily buy a Medigap policy from any insurance company, which isn’t licensed in your state to sell one.

You can renew any standard Medigap policy in case you have healthy problem. It means that your insurance company cannot cancel your Medigap policy as long as you are paying the premium. It’s illegal for anyone to sell you a Medigap policy if you have a Medicare Medical Savings Account (MSA) plan. In case, you are new to Medicare insurance plans, you should know that Medigap policies are generally do not cover long-term care vision or dental care, hearing aids, eyeglasses or any private-duty nursing. Before buying any Medigap policy, you should conduct thorough research, and compare different Medicare supplement plans offered by different insurance companies to pick the most appropriate one.

Medicare Advantage Plans or Medicare plans?

This is a question that is asked by many retirees, who need to get proper health coverage to live a long, happy and satisfied life. Many have found Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage Plans to have worked wonderfully for them.

Medicare Supplement plans

Also known as Medigap Insurance is said to have underwent crucial changes on 1st June, 2010. This plan has been designed to provide coverage for coinsurance and deductibles that are to be otherwise paid by Medicare recipients while obtaining healthcare services. Some plans had been eliminated and new ones included.

The eliminated plans

The eliminated plans are Medigap E/H/I/J known as ‘Home Recovery Benefit’ and ‘Preventive Care Benefit’ plans. The newly included ones were M and M plans, even though, it is not quite certain if new Medigap plans will be offered by all providers. Hospice care benefits also have been included with the new Medigap plans.

New plans

N plan introduced is considered to have benefits similar to that of Plan D with the exception of having a physician copayment for visits and emergency room visit copayment. It is after the payment of deductible that the co-pays tend to apply. Benefits similar to Plan D are offered by Plan M. however, coverage offered is just 50% of Part A deductible and nothing from Part B deductible. Plan N cost is about 70% of Plan F cost. Plan M cost is around 85% of Plan F cost. Overall, from 12 plans, Medigap plans got reduced to 10 plans.

Medicare Advantage Plans

Medigap plans are offered by private insurance providers as a supplement for filling up the gaps left by original Part A & B Medicare. Private providers offering Medicare Advantage Plans have contracts with government for implementing Medicare benefits. But still, the individual is required to maintain Part A & B, while continue paying of Part B premium by selecting Advantage plans.

Some changes in Medicare Advantage Plans

Few changes which affect MA plans include reducing fees along with mandatory loss ratio. Members are offered less benefits. for instance, when compared to Advantage plans, less amount is to be paid for Medigap plan, if Plan N Medigap is selected. Besides this, Plan N is not likely to have network restrictions, out of pocket expenses for hospital stays and restrictive enrollment periods. But prescription coverage is not included in Medigap plans, which is offered by few Advantage plans.

Find out more now!

Who can buy Medigap

Medigap is one of the best complementary plans that Medicare has. Since it came to light several people have been joining and enjoying all the benefits so that they are now aware of everything that can help them. However, for some people, it is a little difficult to know if they are eligible for Medicare Supplements Plans 2018 or not. That is to say, Medigap has so many plans, from A to N to be exact that it is very difficult to know which one you should be in, which is the one that accepts you and also which one is the best for you. Even so, today you will know who are those who can count on the Medicare Supplements Plans so that you are aware of everything you can acquire.

First of all, this type of plans is aimed at people who are retired. Just like the Original Medicare plan, it is very important that you are over 65 and have already retired from your job. This is one of the main ways in which you are guaranteed to have paid taxes related to Medicare and, therefore, when you go to a private institution to apply for Medigap, it becomes much easier for them.

On the other hand, if you are disabled and already have the benefit of Medicare you may also be eligible for Medicare Supplements Plans as long as you meet the standards already stipulated. Similarly, if you are already terminally ill, you can automatically count on Medigap.  Another thing that also makes you eligible for Medigap is if you already have a Medicare plan, be it the original or Medicare Advantage, and you find yourself paying the monthly premiums for it. From there, your insurance advisor will help you choose the Medicare Supplement Plan that best suits you.

After you know if you are eligible for a Medigap plan, the enrollment process comes. This can be a bit difficult if you do not get soaked in the whole subject first since very specific procedures are done. To begin, the Medicare Supplement Plans open an enrollment process that lasts 6 months.  During that time you have the freedom to buy any Medigap policy that is sold in your state, whether you have health problems or not. They are open registrations so you can do it without any problem just taking the precautions that are requested.

In this open enrollment process, the insurance companies will evaluate whether you are eligible or not and then determine the monthly premiums that you will have to cancel in order for you to enjoy the services of the Medicare Supplements Plans.  On the other hand, if you want to get Medicare Supplements Plans outside of the open enrollment period there is no guarantee that the insurance company will sell you a Medigap policy if you do not meet the established subsidy requirements. Now that you know all this new information about Medigap, you have been left wanting to protect and support your entire family with this incredible option.

An Introduction to Medicare Advantage Plans

Shopping for an appropriate and cost-effective insurance plan can be an overwhelming experience. There are many choices but not all options are suitable for everyone. Medicare Advantage Plans have been popularly used since the programs were first introduced in 1997. Also known as “MA Plans” or “Part C,” these programs are part of Medicare. Are you 65 years of age or above? It will be of great benefit to carefully assess whether or not this program is for you, and to contrast its benefits with other health insurance programs.

When it comes to Medicare, you will have to choose between Original Medicare Programs or Medicare Advantage Plans. An easy method for choosing between the two types of programs is to determine if you would like to offset the costs of prescription drugs. In many cases, those who require prescription drugs opt for original Medicare since it does cover the cost of prescription drugs under Part D of the program. On the other hand, the advantage plan does not cover the cost of prescription drugs.

Keep in mind that, for an additional cost, you can add prescription drug coverage on advantage plans. However, you will not be able to add Medigap Insurance to the plan. Medigap is a type of insurance policy that covers aspects of your health insurance that are not covered under an original Medicare plan.

So, what benefits do advantage plans provide? Unlike Medigap Insurance, an advantage plan is not supplemental insurance. Instead, this type of insurance is offered through private insurance companies who work with Medicare in order to cover all cost bases. In other words, your Medicare plan will be handled by the private insurance company and you will still be enrolled in your Medicare program. The cost advantage is that you will not need to pay the extra costs of a supplemental plan. Many advantage plans are free for individuals 65 and older who are already enrolled in Medicare Part B or at least offer a more affordable way to pay for all medical costs.

Since many people cannot afford the high cost of Aetna medicare supplement plans, advantage plans offer an affordable alternative. These programs require a lower monthly premium as long as the beneficiary of the plan agrees to use a set network of healthcare providers and share in some copays for services. Choosing between these different types of plans will depend on how much you can afford on a monthly basis, your personal medical needs, and an understanding of the stipulations set forth by individual insurance plans available in your location.  https://www.medicareadvantageplans2019.org

Choosing Medicare Supplement Plans That Are Right For You

The Medicare supplement plans for 2019 are surely a very trustable and ideal medical plan option for people. From insurance plans to beneficiary and advantage policies – the choice is unlimited when it comes to choosing a Medigap plans for 2019. However, if you are availing the plan for the first time – you will need to take many things into prior consideration. In this article, we review everything that should be taken into consideration when choosing a Medicare supplement plan that is right for you.

  1. Costs and Expenses

Before you start to evaluate the type of Medicare supplement plan that you might choose for yourself, you should take all your personal healthcare and medical costs and expenses into consideration. You need to evaluate your costs and expenses – because this will give you a fair enough idea of how much you can afford and where you will need the help for healthcare.

  1. Coverage of Plan

The next thing that you need to consider about the Medicare supplement plan is its coverage. Explore what services, expenses and costs is the plan covering. Varying healthcare plans provide varying healthcare services and cover different medical expenses. The plan you choose should be covering your medical expenses and this you should be sure of before you pick a coverage plan.

  1. Quality of Healthcare Services

You need to review the quality of the healthcare services of the policy based on other people’s reviews and feedback. You can easily visit any Medicare website to find out in-depth about the policy plan. You can also explore the healthcare services quality by trying them out for an experimental time period.

  1. Prescription Medication Details

There are many Medicare policies such as the advantage plan that does not cover the cost of services for the prescribed medicines and drugs. This is another factor you will need to ponder upon priory.

  1. Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities On the Panel

At times people have preferences when it comes to the hospitals or healthcare facilities that they want to get admitted to avail treatment in the long run. If you are hoping to get the cost of the medical institution covered on your insurance plan, you will need to make sure that the hospital is on your policies’ panel. There is a list that the admin will surely be able to provide you that will include all hospitals and healthcare facilities that will be covered by the plan.

How to Compare Various Medicare Supplement Plans 2019?

Presently, you can find as many as 7 Medicare Supplement plans that you can pick from – and these range from F to N, other than plans A to D. The advantages of each plan vary from another with little exception. In 1990, following the standardization of plans by Medicare, customers are able to compare the various advantages and costs of different plans in a better way. There are various Medicare Supplement Plans 2019 to pick from. It is essential that you conduct enough research in order to get one that matches your own situation and needs.

Check the legitimacy

You have to check whether the company that you are buying the supplemental plan from is a legitimate one. A number of agencies are only interested in collecting your personal details and selling them to many insurance agents. There are two methods to determine whether you are dealing with a legitimate Medicare Supplement Plans 2019 provider. You can find a toll-free number where you can call up customer support staffs. Also, you will find a statement in the company’s website that the agency will never sell or disclose your personal details to a third party.

Talk to an expert

In many cases, it would also be wise to get in touch with an expert specializing in Medicare supplement plans. This can reduce a lot of stress for you, and sort out many complicated issues for you. With his or her experience and training, the specialist can assist you with all your requirements.

Compare the costs

Compare the prices of various Medicare Supplement Plans 2019 that are available, while searching for various companies offering them. Better insurance agencies and brokers can offer you comparisons of plans from various insurance providers working in your region. The costs, in most cases, will vary even when the plans being offered are similar in form. Keep in mind that it is wise to invest some time into the research to arrive at a proper decision while buying the best plan for your needs and pocket.

Compare the coverage

You will also need to compare the amount of coverage being extended by each plan, and consider which type of coverage you require. If you only visit a doctor infrequently and happen to be in generally good health, you can go for Medicare Supplement Plans 2019 that offer basic coverage for medical expenses. On the other hand, if you are in poor health or progressing towards ‘senior citizen’ age, it is wise to opt for a plan offering extensive coverage.