Medicare Advantage Plans, know when to sign up

Medicare Advantage Plans is anticipated to cover the Original Medicare services. Nevertheless, if you already have an existing Medicare Advantage Plan, yet the Original Medicare will cover the hospice care cost, some benefits of new Medicare and some clinical research studies cost. Precisely, the Medicare Advantage plans type’s keeps you always covered for urgent and emergency care.  There may be chances that the plan you choose may fail to cover the services costs as it may be considered not necessarily medical under Medicare. However, if you are not certain about the service covered, it is best to consult with your provider before availing the service.  Most United Healthcare medicare supplement plans provide the much expected extra coverage, such as hearing, vision, wellness and health program and dental. Most of the plans include Part D Medicare prescription drug coverage. Apart from the premium of Part B, you need to pay a monthly premium for the Plan.  The Part B standard premium amount in 2018 is $134 or may be even higher based on your income. Conversely, some enjoy social security benefits even by paying fewer amounts such as $130.

When to sign up?

 Enrolling in Medicare Advantage plans is possible in particular time periods:

  • The initial period that starts immediately in three months as you become entitled to Part A and B Medicare. The ICEP represents the initial coverage election period and this ends the last day before you buy both Part A and B or the Part B last day, the one that is later.
  • The initial period of enrolment begins before you turn 65 for three months and thus you get the month of your birth and it extends beyond your birthday month for another three months. In total you get seven months time to get enrolled.
  • The period of Annual election is between October 15 to December 7 every year. This is the time you may switch to Medicare Advantage plans form Original Medicare and can also make changes with cover. If you are enrolled already in Medicare Advantage plan and wish to alter plans, this annual selection period is the time to do so. Changing during this period means your new coverage start on January 1.
  • In fact, even if you are enrolled with Medicare Advantage plans and have a desire to switch to Part A and B Original Medicare, you can do it during the annual period or during January 1 to February 14, the disenrollment period of Medicare Advantage each year.